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Our management pay a close attention to built our own corporate culture and team construction. Our CEO Mr.Wang who originally found this company has raised our company value “Be faithful of a man and be serious to do business”.This philosophy guide the organization through our various stages of maturity. We are one of the earliest member of JIAOZHOU CHILI chamber of commerce. This is the most professional Chili association in China. Keep a good relationship with our peers and keep an eyes on the changing market, this helps us a lot to understand the market trends and fluctuation.So that we can catch the market timely.
Our leader attended the “Heart to Heart” theme activities held by JIAOZHOU Chili Chamber and commerce on JUN.2018.
As a member of Qingdao/Jiaozhou Chili Chamber of commerce, our company’s leader Ms. Guo attended the "heart to heart" series of activities held by the association on June 15, 2018.
The main purpose of this activity is to help families in difficulties overcome difficulties, carry forward traditional Chinese virtues. Our company's leaders actively participate in social public welfare activities, we prove the truth "Only a company that has well performed its social responsibilities can win extensive attention from the society and public praise" with action. The enterprises with a sense of social responsibility can make their employees feel strong loyalty and sense of responsibility, and contribute their passion and creativity to promote the development of enterprises.

In order to create a good corporate culture, improve staff's team awareness,
enhance team cohesion, and enrich staff's cultural life,
our company regularly organize a variety of employee cultural activities.

Our company organized a travel for the whole employees to Shandong Langyatai on May, 2018.
Our company brought our whole employees to JIAOZHOU XIANMU hot spring for a relaxation on DEC, 2017.
Our company organized our employees to study and travel in Heibei province on Aug.2016.
Our company organized a trip to Yantai Changdao scenic spot on Jul.2015.